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Web design is one of the branches of web development that specializes in creating website design from designing the site structure to subsequent visualization. In this article, I will tell you in detail about web design: what it is and how to start a career as a web designer if you want to change your current profession.

Today, a developing, ambitious business cannot do without a website. The development of a web resource will reveal business opportunities that are not realized by social networks, which provide only partial promotion functionality. The company's website is a tool for partnership, service capabilities, service efficiency.

To solve the problem of creating a website for business development, CRISTIE STUDIO, a company specializing in professional web site development, will help. Companies need modern technologies, digital infrastructure, but it is important to order a network office or corporate website from professionals.

promptly, according to existing or potential opportunities, form, develop ties - client, partner;

respond quickly using useful "calculators", consulting groups of actual problems and other tools;

use advanced web partner service support channels (for example, mail, news, order a logo);

use various functionality, multimedia capabilities, effective administration capabilities.


Our specialists, offering web development services, clearly draw up a task plan, distribute web resources, plan processes (navigation, design, content, promotion).


Getting started, our specialists always conduct an analysis-synthesis, finding out what the customer seeks to receive by applying for a service to us. The customer can provide documentation (screens) on the application - this is enough for us, the accumulated material will allow professionals to start the project.


For example, an order was received to create a site: a multi-page portal with a developed management and security subsystem, an effective interface and service

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